RADIO INTERVIEW - SPECTRUM WEST (2005)                                                                         

On Sept 1st, 2005, fantasy author Scot R. Stone discussed his novel, The Ice Shadows of Arna - Book 2 of The Snowtear Wars, during a radio interview
with Kathy Stahl from Wisconsin's Spectrum West program, based out of Eau Claire.

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The following is the transcript of Scot R. Stone's interview.
Kathy Stahl: Formely a western Wisconsin native, fantasy author Scot R. Stone has just published the second book in a fantasy series titled The Snowtear
Wars.Book Two is The Ice Shadows of Arna. Scot Stone, now a resident of Colorado, is visiting western Wisconsin and will be doing a book signing at Eau
Claire Borders Book Store on Septermber 8th. Scot Stone joins us this afternoon by telephone to discuss his new book. Welcome Scot Stone.

Scot R. Stone: Hello, Kathy.

K.S.:  Scot, we've already mentioned your genre is fantasy, tell us about your newest book.

S.R.S.: Well, the latest book is just a continuation of The Snowtear Wars series, and it revolves around a life-giving flower, which cures all diseases and heals
all wounds, the snowtear. In the first book, it basically ended with you thinking the flowers had been destroyed. In the continuation of the series, you learn that
that wasn't the case. In the new book, readers will find out how the flowers survived.

K.S.: And the name of your first book is?

S.R.S.: The Chimes of Yawrana.

K.S.: So, the snowtear is the actual flower?

S.R.S.: That is correct.

K.S.: And your story revolves around, literally, about the fight over this flower?

S.R.S.:  That's right. If you can think about it, any flower, or anything else, that can give a kingdom the advantage of curing any diseases or wounds, it would
give it a great advantage on the battlefield. So, that's where this whole battle around the snowtears comes from.

K.S.: Well, fantasy, I think, is a fascinating genre. It can include romance, adventure, mystery, and, as you say, a compelling dilemma about health care, in fact.
Being a fantasy writer, is it more difficult to create a whole new set of beings for your story or is it liberating because you don't have to be contained by a
culture as we know it?

S.R.S.: I think it's both. Being able to complete a new world from the ground up is a lot of work, but it is very fulfilling once you have all that work in place,
and then you can write your story from there on. You're not restricted by what's really out there because you can just keep inventing and reinventing yourself as
you go.

K.S.: And because of that, do people need to read your books starting at Book One, or can they start with Book Two?

S.R.S.: I'm making each of the books in the series as a stand-alone, so people can pick it up in the middle of the series. I prefer to read my series in order, and
a lot of people also tell me they do the same as well. But it seems that there are many other people who aren't afraid to jump in the middle of a series either,
from what I've found out through book signings.

K.S.: When you're talking about having each one being a stand-alone, do you find it's difficult to set up the scenario and the culture in a new way so it doesn't
feel repetitious? Is that a trick for you for writing a series like this?

S.R.S.:  I think in some ways, yes. Basically, you tell the reader only what they need to know in the new books so they're not lost. But then, at the same time,
you're still creating as you go. When you're dealing with other world fantasy, you're always creating other things anyway. When you go into writing that type of
a fantasy, you have to be prepared for it to be different.

K.S.: Have you written other genres, or has it always been fantasy?

S.R.S.: I've actually written a fictional Christmas novel as well. It's called Stroke of Midnight Toys. Currently, it's not published yet, but my agent is working on
that. And I think once it does get published, it's going to be a great book for younger readers to pick up. As far as The Snowtear Wars goes, it applies to
anyone between junior high-level age and adult. And as far as Stroke of Midnight Toys goes, it applies, basically, only to a younger audience. But I still believe
all ages can enjoy it.

K.S.:  We've talked about The Snowtear Wars as being a series. Are there more coming?

S.R.S.: There are three more books after Book Two, so five books in all in the series. Books Three and Four have already had the names announced. Book
Three will be called The Hollows of Candlewick and Book Four will be called The Mirrors of Methalis. Book Five hasn't had the name announced yet, nor
has it been written. Books Three and Four have been written and both could be out sometime next year.

K.S.: And who is the publisher?

S.R.S.: Behler Publications (pronounced BAY-ler).

K.S.: You're currently a full time author. Was that a difficult leap to let go of your other work and totally immerse yourself into writing?

S.R.S.: I think there comes a point in everyone's life where they want to do something different, and I think when you make that leap, you're ready. At least,
for me, that's the way it was. It wasn't incredibly difficult to let go because it was something I really wanted to do, I really loved to do. The transition was pretty
easy for me.

K.S.: Well we've been talking with Scot Stone, fantasy author, who will be doing a book signing at Borders Books, a week from today, in Eau Claire. His
signing goes from 6:00 to 10:00, and his newest book is The Snowtear Wars, Book Two, The Ice Shadows of Arna. Now, Scot, you're also going to be
doing some other signings, another of which is in the western Wisconsin area, in Arcadia. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

S.R.S.:  This is the Arcadia Sesquicentennial, the one hundred and fifty-year celebration the town is hosting. And there's going to be at least a dozen different
authors there signing their own books. I believe it begins at 9:00 a.m. and is at the Arcadia Memorial Park.

K.S.: And that's on September 10th?

S.R.S.: That's correct, September 10th.

K.S.: Well, if people can't go to meet you at the signing at Borders or in Arcadia, you have a website where they can find out more about your books and
more about you. What is your website?

S.R.S.: That is, and there's a lot of fun links out there people can access.

K.S.: And you also have more information about the Arcadia event?

S.R.S.: That's right, and you can just look up under the Upcoming Events link. There's a list there of all the other authors who are going to be present at that

K.S.: Scot Stone, thank you so much for joining us on Spectrum West and I wish you well with your book signings.

S.R.S.: Thank you.

K.S.: Formerly a western Wisconsin native, fantasy author Scot R. Stone has just published the second book in a series titled The Snowtear Wars, Book
Two, The Ice Shadows of Arna. Scot Stone, now a resident of Colorado, is visiting western Wisconsin and will be doing a book signing at Eau Claire's
Borders Book Store on September 8th.