This article appeared in the Colorado newspaper THE GREELEY TRIBUNE.
by Ivy Vogel

Erie writer's first book sets him on A New Path. Scot Stone leaves corporate world to try his hand at a more creative career.
To some people, success is material. To others, success is being able to do what you love while spending time with those you

Scot Stone made good money writing technical reports for a large corporation.

When his daughter was born, he said goodbye to technical writing, volunteered to stay at home with his daughter and wrote
his first book.

On March 15, Stone, of Erie, will release his first book, "The Chimes of Yawrana, Book 1 of: The Snowtear Wars." It is the
first of a five-book series, Stone wrote the book late at night when his wife and daughter were in bed.

Stone's always enjoyed reading.

When he read the "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling, he was inspired to try his hand at creative writing.

"Rowling's stories ignited something in me that said, 'You can do that'," Stone said.

Not surprised by his son's creativity, Stone's father, Harland Stone, was taken aback by Stone's quick decision to change

"He was pretty deep into the corporate world, and I thought that would be his career in life," Harland said. "But once he put
his mind to writing, he finished the book really quickly."

Harland is the inspiration for one of the characters in Yawrana.

"He lost part of his leg at a construction site when I was very young," Stone said. "To see him overcome that has been very

Overcoming obstacles is a recurring theme in Stone's novel.

"The Chimes of Yawrana" introduces two great civilizations. Upon meeting each other, the civilizations are warned by
prophets that there will be downfall and destruction.

Preceding the warning, a deadly illness overwhelms several members of the Yawranan Royal Court, and everyone is suspect.
The cure to the illness lies within the powers of an ancient flower, and the two civilizations must work together to find the cure.

Although Stone enjoys the magical element in Rowling's stories, he prides himself on creating a magical world without using

"Anyone who loves to explore a new world on all levels, adventure, romance, mystery and war, will enjoy the Snowtear
series," Stone said.

Harland can't wait to read his son's next book.

"The book relates to me really well," Harland said. "Scot seems to be happy writing."
A New Path-- 3/10/2004