Erie writer publishes first novel, with 4 more on the way.

Literary neophyte Scot R. Stone says the key to writing a captivating science fiction novel is all in the details.

Erie resident Stone filled his first book, "The Chimes of Yawrana," with pages of descriptive writing and unexpected plot twists.

The book, to be released March 15, is an example of Stone's strategy of drawing readers into "the movie screen of the mind,"
as he explained it.

After some unsuccessful arrempts at writing, Stone said he was inspired to sit down and write "The Chimes of Yawrana" after
J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" books swept him off his feet.

"I came back to it after I saw the "Harry Potter" series take off, J.K. Rowling really inspired me," he said. "I liked how she
wrote, sort of mixing mystery and fantasy."

Although it's billed as a fantasy novel, Stone said he tried to weave many different genres into the plot. "There's a lot of
mystery. There's romance and adevnture," he said.

"Yawrana" tells the story of voyagers struggling to obtain flowers known as snowtears, which have tremendous healing powers.

The adventures aren't completed in one book; Stone has another four installments planned for the future.

The second, entitled "The Ice Shadows of Arna," is finished and being edited by his publisher.

Stone's daily routine -- taking care of his young daughter at home during the day, and writing for hours each evening -- is a
decided change of pace from his previous line of work.

He spent nearly a decade in the "corporate world," working long hours for a Longmont (CO) company.

Now, he gets most of his work done after 10 p.m., churning out pages in the Snowtear Series until the early-morning hours.

"I write until my eyes droop closed," he said.
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By Brad Turner
A Fantastic Journey-- 2/5/2004