Many fans have left reviews for The Ice Shadows of Arna, Book 2 of The Snowtear Wars from
multiple websites.  Here's what they're saying about Scot R. Stone's second novel in the series:

~ Charles Cordova, a professional editor of novels
Scot Stone does it again. This is a BIG novel. Awesome and vast are two words that kept coming to me
as I read Scot R. Stone's second novel,
The Ice Shadows of Arna. It is a
welcome addition to the world not just of fantasy adventure fiction, but of
excellent story-telling in general. A strong group of fierce heroes (male
and female), loyal friends and treacherous enemies, fantastic settings,
unusual creatures (water gliders, leg stalkers, zeos and maddons, to name
just four) all this and a fascinating, page-turning plot that just does
not stop building in excitement until very last page of this large novel
make this an even better read than Stone's first book in The Snowtear Wars
The Chimes of Yawrana. That book was an impressive debut novel, well
worth reading, and this second novel proves it was no accident. Scot R.
Stone bids fair to become one of the major voices in the field of fantasy
adventure writing, so get yourself a hot cup of chocolate, coffee or tea
(something to keep you warm) as you travel through
The Ice Shadows of Arna.

A Reviewer from Longmont, Colorado
I loved the continuation of the characters, and meeting new ones after Chimes of Yawrana. I had been
waiting for the second book to come out and I was not disappointed! Forget house chores and adult
responsibilities--grab the book and read about Noran, Jada, Rydor, and Oreus. You'll enjoy every minute.t
(Check back for updates. Thank you!)
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