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Previously published novels and other completed works by Scot R. Stone:

(2004) The Snowtear Wars: Book One ~ The Chimes of Yawrana (Behler Publications)

(2005) The Snowtears Wars: Book Two ~ The Ice Shadows of Arna (Behler Publications)

(2007) The Snowtears Wars: Book Three ~ The Hollows of Candlewick (Behler Publications)

(TBA) The Snowtears Wars: Book Four ~ The Mirrors of Methalis

(TBA) The Snowtears Wars: Book Five ~ The Elements of the Enclave

(TBA) Stroke of Midnight Toys

(TBA) The Worst Book Imaginable

(TBA) Kitty Doesn't Like Me

(TBA) Superstitious Steve and the Unlucky Penny