Scot R. Stone Completes The Snowtear Wars -- 1/6/09

Late last year fantasy author Scot R. Stone officially announced through the blog on his website that he's completed
The Snowtear Wars series, which contains a total of five books. There's still a lot of editing to be done, but "at
least the tracks have been laid," Stone said. "Just writing one book takes a lot of time and effort, but to complete a series
is something truly special, especially one as big as this series is. And since it's my first one, it only makes it that much
more special, and gives me the confidence for the future to complete many others. I've learned a lot over the course of
this first endeavor, and any mistakes I've made I don't regret. They truly have made me a stronger writer, and that can
only contribute to what I do from here on out. I've met many, many wonderful fans along the way, have done countless
successful signings while building string relationships with store managers, and have kept my passion for writing through
it all,which, to me, is the most important part."

Stone is currently working on two new series, which he has yet to share with the public, and two stand alone novels.
"That information will come out in its own good time. Writers are very protective of their work before it's signed up with
a publisher, and copyrighted. The ideas are there, and the imagination is still churning, so ,my fans have nothing to fear
for the future. Writing, like any job, requires a learning curve. The first few years have been steep for me, but I feel like
I'm climbing, and have found my way out of the dark maze I was once in. New writers have so many questions, and
don't understand all the ins and outs of the industry, which can be very frustrating. It becomes hard to know who to
trust. The best advice I have to offer is, to do your research. But don't get caught up in gossip forums, too much. Go to
trusted sites for answers. If you feel people are ranting too much, then you're on the wrong site. It's too easy to get
caught up in bashing others, and it's counterproductive, and unprofessional, in my opinion. We all want the same thing:
success. Stick to getting the information you need and move on."

Stone has done just that, and gives what encouragement he can to new writers. "I won't lie. It's a hard business, but if
you really love writing, then you need to make time for it. You will find what you're looking for. Be open to advice, and
use that knowledge to succeed. You will find roadblocks, but somewhere there will be a road that will allow you in, if
you're willing to make it happen."