The Novels of Scot R. Stone
The Snowtear Wars:
Book 2 ~ The Ice Shadows of Arna
Scot R. Stone

Two years have passed since the great grassland war of the Waungee. Baron Oreus Blake
and King Noran Yorokoh face one of their worst nightmares when those closest to them are
taken prisoner by banished convicts into the dangerous and frigid ice lands of Arna. During
their chase, they discover the precious and curative snowtears still exist and much more may
be at stake for the kingdom than they at first realized.

While away on their struggles to the far north, a deadly black fever is spreading throughout the
territories and a devastating fire has scorched and killed three of the ancient, sequera tree
homes, including the Yawranan prophets who resided within. General Rydor Regoria and
Chief Braiy Decker are the best remaining hope to solve the two mysteries and the murderous
plot trails left behind.
The Snowtear Wars
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The Snowtear Wars:
Book 1 ~ The Chimes of Yawrana
Scot R. Stone
The Snowtear Wars:
Book 3 ~ The Hollows of Candlewick
Scot R. Stone

Endless rains and violent storms are sweeping through the territories of Yawrana, flooding farms,
destroying towns and drowning the hopes of those who reside in their homes while waiting for it all
to end. At the heart of the kingdom lies the magnificent Candlewick Castle, the final symbol of hope
to help the country survive the barrage of bizarre weather patterns ravaging the lands
' crops.

But King Noran Deardrop has more than just blizzards and tornados to accompany his thoughts.
Somewhere, wandering the castl
e's corridors and surrounding woods, is Herikech Illeon, the great
Lazul king of Maramis who seeks revenge for the defeat of his armies at the hands of the
Yawranans. Noran must depend on those he trusts to defend the royal family, not knowing when or
where Herikech might strike next.

His faith is further challenged when he is forced to solve a trio of new threats: a menacing mangler is
wandering the territories, killing at will as it draws closer and closer to the castle; his devoted
followers begin to turn against him one by one, mysteriously siding with Herikech for unknown
reasons; and three new drift ships are found anchored off the shores of Emison Territory with crews
to whom only Baron Oreus Blake and Boris Groffen can relate.
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In distant lands, beyond the great and misty Sarapin Sea, lies the fertile kingdom of Yawrana. A
significant prophecy is about to unfold with the arrival of a small group of Zonack voyagers
aboard the gallant flying ship The Star Gazer. The Elders, visionaries, and prophets of Yawrana,
warn of downfall and destruction as the two civilizations meet.

Oreus Blake, one of eight members aboard the ship, discovers he is the key to the prophecy's
outcome. Within days of their arrival, a deadly illness befalls several members of the Yawranan
Royal Court. All parties present fall under suspicion, including the voyagers.

The only known cure lies within the limitless healing powers of an ancient flower referred to as
the snowtear. Having no other choice, Oreus must gain the trust of the Yawranans as they
embark on a quest to retrieve the protected snowtears through many inherent dangers, including
a mythic race of warriors known as the Lazuls.

To Be Announced

Book Four:
The Mirrors of
The Snowtear Wars:
Book 4 ~ The Mirrors of Methalis
Scot R. Stone

Somewhere, in the uncharted southern region of the Sarapin Sea, awaits the
mysterious island of Methalis, home to the original all-healing snowtears. A plan to
search for the flowers has begun by the Yawranans, a society dedicated to preserving
peace and the ways of the old world. Unfortunately, their archenemies, the Lazuls, are
also trying to find them, and will stop at nothing to exploit the flowers' full potential.
Using only coordinates from an ancient king's will and a sacred monument stone,
Baron Oreus Blake and Yawrana's finest set out aboard two drift ships to accomplish
their mission: destroy every living snowtear.
If they fail in their quest, the consequences
will not only be dire for their kingdom, but for the world as well.

With the help of the snowtears, Lazul King Herikech Illeon has already learned to
harness the power of two of the ancient elements, wind and water. If he finds the
precious remaining snowtears first, and those who have created and cultivated them,
then the remaining elemental powers could fall under his command, giving him
complete control of the Enclave, where the physical plane meets the spiritual. The
Yawranans know that no one may be able to stop Herikech if he achieves this feat,
even the secretive Methalisians.

Three times Herikech has attempted to overthrow the Yawranans, and three times he
has failed, but this time the Yawranans are at a disadvantage--the Lazuls have a head

The Elements
of the Enclave

To be released no
later than
November, 2012
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The Snowtear Wars:
Book 5 ~ The Elements of The Enclave
Scot R. Stone
Precious little time remains to stop the king of the Lazuls, Herikech Illeon, who has now learned
to harness three of the four ancient elements. The only remaining, just beyond his grasp, is the
secret to the destructive power of fire. Baron Oreus Blake and the Yawranans know all too well
that if Herikech should learn this secret, nothing may be able to keep him from destroying every
kingdom on the face of Elvana. Their elemental weapons, bound to the fire, is their only defense
as they take on this challenge.

With the help of the Methalisians, the Yawranans will embark on a three-pronged journey to find
the remaining snowtears in the world and destroy them. If no snowtears remain, they hope
Herikech will finally perish and pass into The Underworld. Oreus will lead the first of the three
sailing expeditions by guiding his crew to the shores of his homeland of Zonack. Herikech, they
fear, will most likely start his quest there to find the remaining snowtears. Oreus must put aside
his feelings for his father's death and his wish for revenge on Sir Malcom Hayward, the Queen's
champion. The second part of the attack, led by Baron Viktoran Ilos and Blacksmith Boris
Groffen, will venture to the wild islands of Phyre Heights, where barbarian clans rule and detest
outsiders. Worst of all, however, Martell Fedrow, Yawranan Court Advisor and key to the Nax
Synod Scriptures, will join Elder Kreg Garan and the Methalisian High Priestesses on the third
mission to The Underworld itself. How the flowers could exist in such an extreme and hostile
environment is unknown, but all will be lost if they do not locate the flowers to prevent Herikech
from achieving an unthinkable god-like status.
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