Author Scot R. Stone Enjoying Success at Book Signings

 Book signings, as anyone can imagine, take a great deal of time to prepare for. They can last for hours on end. The author literally talks to hundreds of
people, which tends to make one's mouth dry! And don't forget about writer's cramp. Personalizing messages takes careful thought and some can be wordy.
But, Fantasy Author Scot R. Stone will be quick to tell you that he's enjoying every minute of it.
 "Just seeing the kids' faces light up is well worth the treat," Stone says. "Adults read the books, too, and sometimes they can be just as entertaining. It's fun
for me, the store and the fans. Each experience is unique, and I treasure every one of them. I recently did a signing at a Borders Book Store in West Lebanon,
New Hampshire, and had a huge day."
 Stone's day was so huge in fact, it was his best signing to date. One hundred and forty seven books went out the door, giving him hardly enough time to get a
glass of water. "Days like those make this whole journey worthwhile. It's exciting to see so many fans interested in my series, and I know they're out there
telling their friends about it, which drives me to write more. You never can predict how well you're going to do at a signing, but I usually do well." Stone
believes he does well because of a variety of reasons: his outstanding displays, his high energy level, and because he's a natural at speaking to people. "My
father was a teacher, and he was one of the best there was. Maybe I get those abilities from him."
 Stone has sold out at thirty-three of his book signings so far in his young career, and he'll surely follow those up with many more to come. He has also set
numerous store records for his signings, and has had most stores say, "You can come back any time you want." Word about his novels are not only spreading
among his fans, but among the store managers as well. "I was recently told by a regional manager of Borders that all the managers of the stores in her
jurisdiction were talking on a conference call about how well my signings went, and that if any of them hadn't hosted me yet, to get me in," Stone said. "That
was a huge compliment when I heard that."
 Better yet, the store workers at each location are also reading Stone's works, and are recommending his novels to customers. "At one of my last signings a
worker came up to me and had me sign a copy of each of my novels for him," Stone said. "The gentleman said, 'I haven't worked at this store that long, but
the others who work here said that if you read and like Salvatore or Lord of the Rings, then you have to read this guy's work.'" Stone blushed at the
comment, admitting it blew him away to have store workers mentioning his series in the same breath as Tolkien's masterpiece.
 "Fans ultimately have the finally say in what they like and don't like," Stone continued, "and let me tell you, they don't like to be told what to like or dislike.
There are reasons why certain series are as popular as they are. They have the 'it' quality. They convey the story so well that it makes the reader never want
to leave. I tried my best to do that, and I feel the success doesn't lie. People are truly enjoying the adventures of my characters. And that’s all any author
can ask for. Just because it's fantasy, doesn't mean it can't have a positive effect or impact on someone's life." And Stone says that as long as he continues to
connect to people with his stories, he will continue to write them. And that, of course, means a lot more signings.