Obtaining Autographs from Scot R. Stone                                 

Many of you have purchased Scot R. Stoneís novels from online bookstores, or they were given to you as a gift, or you just picked one up from your local shop down the street. You same folks are probably wondering how you can obtain an autograph if you arenít able to attend one of his book signings.

The best way to get an autograph from Scot is to send a letter with your choice of bookplate(s) and a self-addressed return envelope with postage to:

Scot R. Stone
P.O. Box 43

Barnet, VT 05821

No more than five bookplates per person please. If your bookplate has enough space for Scot to inscribe the book to someone, please donít forget to state whom you would like it made out to, and any special message you may want him to write.

Please do not send books or other materials to have signed by Scot. Bookplates are the only item Scot will accept through the mail for signing. If you wish to have a book itself or other miscellaneous items signed, you must attend one of his signings for the exception.

Thanks from Scot and happy reading!