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The Chimes of Yawrana
Loved It ~
I loved this book. The story about a boy with a prophecy, kind of reminded me of eragon. But was different also.

Good Read ~
The first book in one of my favorite series. Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys fantasy books.

From Seattle - This is a Great Book ~
All I can say is WOW! This is an excellent book. An author of fantasy myself, I know a best seller when I read it, and
this is one is well on its way to that goal. The Chimes of Yawrana is very well written, with many twists and turns that
left me wondering what was going to happen next, but not able to guess at what it would be. The characters,
creatures, and details of the story are vividly brought to life, playing as I read the pages, like a movie in my mind. I
found myself reading well into the morning several times, not wanting to put it down. Then forced but the late hour to
go to bed, but lay with the story still running through my mind. This is one of the best fantasy books I have read in a
long while. Again Nice job, I can't wait for the sequel to come out.

Charles Cordova, a professional editor of novels
One Heck of a Good Read ~
I was pleased to find myself gradually carried into the wonders of The Chimes of Yawrana and its unique world. It
surprised me over and over with unexpected dangers, mysteries and creatures I had never heard of before. There are
sequera trees, immense fire-breathing draguls, and Shonitaurs, underground beings whose eyes change color with the
changing of their moods as well as several other strange creatures. Also, the story itself is very intriguing. There is
death, betrayal, greed and courage in this book, and a young man who arrives to fulfill a 4,000-year-old prophecy.
The suspense continues to the last chapter, when you find out that... No, I won't spoil it for you. Central to the story
is a life-giving flower called the Snowtear, for which men are willing to fight and die. When several members of the
Yawranan Court including the Queen fall ill, only the Snowtear can save them. And as a young prince struggles to
retrieve the Snowtear and bring it back to Yawrana, another man plots to gain control of the kingdom for himself. In
Yawrana, the people fight an ancient enemy, a race known only as the Lazul. ...This is solid, just-one-more-chapter-
before-I-go-to-sleep entertainment from Scot R. Stone, a young author who clearly has a full command of his story
and characters. Be prepared to spend several pleasant hours intrigued, thrilled and delighted by a story filled with
unexpected twists, turns and a constant array of new surprises. The Chimes of Yawrana is a great story, destined to
take its place among the classics of fantasy adventure.

Fantastic Fantasy ~
The Chimes of Yawrana is a touching novel that taps into the vein of fantasy unlike any I have ever seen. The
characters are well developed and the story never lags throughout the 453 pages. Oreus Blake, a traveler in a new
world, finds himself the center of a prophesy that has been foretold for thousands of years. After a rocky start with
the local people, he and his fellow shipmates find themselves in the capital of Yawrana and soon in the middle of a
murder conspiracy. Wanting to prove his innocence, he embarks on a journey with the prince and future king of
Yarwana to gather the mysterious snowtears that will save the ones that had been poisoned. On their journey they met
all kinds of strange animals, a race of people known as the watchers that can become invisible at will, and the warrior
race known as the Lazul, who up until that time was considered a myth. When the Lazul and Yawranans met another
murder is committed and war breaks out between the two. Through deserts, grasslands, mountains and an
underground city, we follow Oreus and Prince Noran and their army as they try and stop the Lazul army from
entering Yawrana. With deception trailing them all the way the group must not only learn who is behind the
conspiracy but stop it before their way of life is destroyed. Scot Stone's description of the war, creatures, scenery, and
the emotion felt between the characters is top notch. The story ends leaving you wanting more, and that is the sign of
a great writer.

An Author from Alabama - Incredible New Fantasy Novel ~
What happens when a small group of voyagers from a distant land enter the bountiful and mystical kingdom of
Yawrana? Well, a prophecy unfolds involving one of the travelers, Oreus Blake; the king of Yawrana is murdered,
causing suspicion to fall in every direction, including the direction of the travelers; and a kingdom must face a vicious
race of people, the Lazul, who were believed to be mere legend, in order to save their dying queen and their very
existence. The Chimes of Yawrana is book 1 of The Snowtears War and was written by Scot R. Stone. Mr. Stone is a
gifted storyteller and his characters are well developed, likable, and literally bring you to cheers as they battle
unspeakable creatures and face unspeakable odds to save their queen and their kingdom. Much like the styles of
fantasy greats like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and James Gurney, Scot Stone has created elaborate kingdoms and
enduring characters who display heroic bravery in the face of dangers that seem insurmountable. This book contains
imaginary and inventive creatures like the powerful and deadly dragul, a dragon-type animal of war and the skillful and
intelligent gandalays, a type of masterful horse. This, combined with knowledgeable Elders, prophets, loyal (and some
disloyal) barons, visionaries, a would be king, and a young man of prophecy, this story will keep you turning pages
and keep your appetite whet for more until the end. Scot Stone’s The Chimes of Yawrana is brilliantly written and
sure to please any adventure lover, young and old alike. Mr. Stone is definitely one of the best, new voices in fantasy
fiction. Order your copy today and strap yourself in for an incredible journey.

A Die-hard Fantasy Fan ~
Outstanding New Author - This book has a lot to offer, from romance to action. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. It is
one of the best books I have read in this genre. I really enjoyed the variety of characters. It is a good book to sit and
enjoy as you put your troubles behind you. I am looking forward to his next book. I'll give the author a 5 star pat on
the back.

Library Director ~
Excellent book - The main characters, the land and the people became very real as I read the book. The heroes and
the villains are well depicted. There are many exciting adventures which are well written. A thoroughly enjoyable
science-fiction fantasy that was hard to put down once I started reading. I love to read mysteries and suspense novels
so this was a different genre for me. I would highly recommend this really good book which I read in three days.

(Colorado, United States) ~
This story was a blast to read. Rarely does an author make me feel like I'm a part of the adventures of their story,
rather than a passive observer. Mr. Stone's descriptive style brought the scenes of this story to vivid life. I can't wait
to get my hands on the next book in the Snowtears saga!

This is a great book! ~ A 13-year-old reviewer ~
I really enjoyed this book. I read a lot, and this is one of the best books I have ever read. I enjoyed it more than Harry
Potter. I really liked the dragul. They were my favorite animal in the book. I also enjoyed the battle scenes and this
book has a really great ending. I would like for my school library to get this book so all my friends can read it too. It is

From an Enthralled Reader ~
Reviewer: I loved the characters and how Mr. Stone wove the story bringing a new twist to his fantasy novel. There
are royalty and "regular" people too, all making a difference in this world.
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