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"This is a grand, sweeping journey, full of adventure and intrigue, plus a rich array of
characters. Once you enter Scot Stone's marvelous world, you'll return often and
gladly."  ~
T. A. Barron, NY Times Best Selling author of The Great Tree of
Avalon, and The Lost Years of Merlin
"Science Fiction with Heart~ Every character is given a distinct personality and
cadence in his or her speech, and though Stone creates a very mythic and surreal
place, you can still understand the characters' plights."   
Summit Daily News, Colorado

"This story is philosophical and mythic in its scope, but it's also a great adventure.
Readers who love Tolkien and Terry Williams will be drawn into Stone's lavish
world and Oreus' adventures. Fantasy and mystery fans alike would do well to curl
up with this book. I couldn't bear to put it down."
-Round Table Reviews
"The Chimes of Yawrana, and novelist Scot Stone's abilities as a storyteller will leave
the reader looking eagerly toward the next thrilling installment!"
~ Midwest Book Review

"Mr. Stone adds a solid addition to the fantasy genre. It's tight, well thought out, and
succinct with an engaging plot fantasy fans will enjoy. If you are looking for a book
with large-scale battles, political intrigue, solid world building, new creatures and races,
give his books a chance."
~ The Beezer Review
Even when all seems lost,
you must keep pushing
forward. Progress
can't be made if
thoughts of failure are
allowed to take root.
Those who stay positive,
focused and are willing
to try new doors, will,
more times than naught,
be surprised of the treasures
they find waiting on
the other side.

Scot R. Stone
After twelve years of toiling in the trenches of The Snowtear Wars, Author Scot R. Stone has
announced its completion with the release of the fifth and final book in the series,
The Elements
of the Enclave
. All  five books are available through most websites in Kindle, Nook and
paperback formats. To pick your choice, simply visit Scot's Bookstore at the link on the left and
make your selections. You'll be directed to the page of your choice for easy purchasing.          

Scot would like to give his personal thanks to all his devoted followers, and encourages them to
keep informing other fantasy fans they know to give his first book a try.                         

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The Snowtear Wars is Complete!